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    About Us

    Hygea Medical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing, China. As a National High-tech Enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and marketing, the company focuses on Interventional Oncology fields of "percutaneous intervention" and "transvascular intervention".

    The first released product, "Co-Ablation System", is leading the industry with the cutting-edge technology, the product introduces the first combined ablation system in the world by integrating cryoablation and hyperthermia ablation in one system. In 2020, Co-Ablation System obtained the CE Marking Certificate and started product marketing in European countries. The Co-Ablation System AI Epic series has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020.

    The company has set up Beijing Key Laboratory of Cryogenic Biomedical Engineering and Post-Doctoral Research Center. As to patents, the company obtains more than 150 patents both in China and abroad. Hygea Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was granted awards of the William Begell Medal, National Specialized and New "Little Giant" Enterprise, First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award, etc.

    We are committed to creating a minimally invasive treatment platform-type enterprise.

    • 150+

      Chinese and international patents

    • 25+

      Chinese provinces

    • 100+

      Number of cumulative Top hospitals installed

    • 10000+

      Number of cumulative patients treated

    Co-Ablation System AI Epic series
    A new generation of minimally invasive tumor treatment system
    Wireless full featured tablet, intuitive UI design, surgery planning feature
    Multiple models available (AI Epic series: P40, S40, S20)
    Provide a series of solutions to fulfill different clinical needs around the world
    Co-Ablation Probe with different specifications available
    Thin, compact design probe, easily handle complex clinical cases with conformal ablation
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